Radio Station Valuation

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Radio Station Valuation
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RADIO STATION VALUATION is a service of Clifton  Gardiner & Company, LLC, a leading broadcast brokerage company.  We have completed over 350 brokerage transactions, and numerous radio station and cable television valuations over our 50 plus years in the business.  The company's experience in building and owning stations gives us a deep insight into the real value of broadcast properties.

Our Valuation Services have been utilized by many owners and lenders, and are known for their accuracy.  Our longtime industry experience helps insure a successful outcome. There are many reasons to enlist Clifton Gardiner & Company to perform a valuation of your radio station, including anticipation of a capitalization, a merger, an acquisition or a sale of the station. This may also include exit and estate planning.  Valuing a radio station is a unique process that requires a thorough understanding of the characteristics of the broadcast industry and years of experience, along with an extensive data base of metrics. This includes information on comparable sales and regulatory and financial trends.  

We know and understand the marketplace as it relates to the “real life” current value of your enterprise. We have the experience and objectivity and the professionalism to be able to prepare a very understandable and useful valuation report.

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